How To Buy ZeroDog On PreSale



STEP-2 : Click on “Connect Wallet”

STEP-3 : Choose “Trust Wallet”

STEP-4 : Choose “BSC (BNB)” network

STEP-5 : Choose “Trust”

STEP-6 : PreSale will launch on your Trust wallet, click on “Connect”

STEP-7 : After connecting you will see the message “you can now go back to your browser”. DON’T CLOSE YOUR WALLET. Just go to your browser while your wallet is open at back.

STEP-8 : You will see the QR Code, you can close it by clicking “x”

STEP-9 : If your wallet is connected with Presale contract, you will see your address. It means everything is alright. Just go last step :)

STEP-10 : In final step, you can choose amount of BNB you want to spend and then click on the green rectangle. If your wallet want a confirmation, just click “CONFIRM”.

That’s all, thank you for your interest in ZeroDog :)